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I grew up in a the city the place some other folks hated the color inexperienced, as a result of they supported Rangers FC and inexperienced was once related to their opponents, Celtic FC. They might destroy inexperienced visitors lighting fixtures, inexperienced boulevard cupboards, inexperienced store indicators…

I ponder what their response could be to Football Tale, an “journey RPG” about enjoying football-ish sports activities in a lush, inexperienced, nearly Pokémon-like global.

Here is the announcement trailer. Take a look at to not destroy your displays, Rangers lovers:

“It is been a yr since The Calamity™ tore aside the very foundations of football as we comprehend it, and because then, Football Inc. has made dang neatly positive that no longer a soul has been allowed to even take a look at a football ball, let by myself kick it,” says the blurb at the reputable website. Input you, who has been selected by means of “a mystical football ball” to remind everybody why soccer is superb.

Banned or no longer, the trailer above displays the protagonist enjoying in what appear to be soccer fits, with tackles and pictures and the whole thing. It additionally displays wave protection battles fought with a soccer, aiming mini-games, speaking to ghosts, turn-based fight, and so much else.

I really like video games which take a recreation and use it because the central mechanic for a special style of recreation. The preferred fresh instance of this is Golfing Tale on Transfer, whose builders at the moment are running on a extra expansive followup referred to as Sports activities Tale. Football Tale is unrelated to these video games and is evolved by means of Now not This night creators PanicBarn.

There is no liberate date for Football Tale but, however you’ll join a PC beta which is “coming very quickly”, and in finding extra screenshots over on Steam.

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